Use Caution When Making Social Changes

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I have suffered through two disastrous presidential elections when the democratic candidates had catastrophic loses. One was George McGovern’s lose to Richard Nixon in 1972 and the other was Walter Mondale’s lose to Ronald Regan in 1984.     

George McGovern won one state, Massachusetts and DC in the 1972 election
Walter Mondale won one state, Minnesota and DC in the 1948 election

A number of the democratic candidates are proposing significant changes relative to citizen verses government responsibilities, changes that are controversial and have the support of the more left democratic voters but questionable support from more moderate democrats, independents and likely few if any republicans.

If the first priority of the democratic party is to defeat Trump, this call for drastic changes in the way our country is organized and operates at this time may be counter productive.

Better to be addressing how to help the farmers who are going through some difficult times, proposing changes to health care that are understandable and possible rather than starting over and adapting a sound byte that can never pass the legislative hurdles, address the disparity between the wealthy and the workers in the country with programs that can be implemented, and fix the damn roads and bridges.

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Medicare for All

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Dear Ms. Kamala Harris

I watched your Iowa town hall event last night. I was impressed. My first reaction is that you are a formidable democratic candidate for president, you would win the election and you would be a good president.

However, there is one of your positions that I take issue with. I do agree that Medicare for All is a viable path to universal health care for all the citizens of this country but do not agree that this would eliminate the need for private competing health care insurers. The government can be an effective provider of health insurance but historically the government is not a good manager of any business as complicated as health insurance. Private health care insurance companies play a part in the current Medicare system to provide supplemental insurance since Medicare only covers 80% of most medical expenses, but at the same time these private health insurance companies have become the de facto managers of the Medicare system and act as a counterbalance to health care providers. Medicare for All should retain this feature in the current Medicare system.  

Best wishes on your quest to be the democratic party’s candidate for president.

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