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Profile: I'd been working in the real estate business for about nine years when I said to myself, "I don't need to do this anymore. I'm going to become a writer." Before coming to this decision I had also served in the Navy for seven years had worked for thirty-three years in technology as an electrical engineer. I grew up in rural South Dakota and had only an eighth grade education before going into the navy. After being discharged from the navy I used the GI bill to finance obtaining an engineering degree. Nothing in my background had prepared me to be a writer. Ignorance is truly bliss. I started taking writing classes at the University of Minnesota while winding down my real estate business. I followed this by spending two years taking classes and seminars at the Loft, a Twin Cities organization dedicated to teaching writing skills. During my second year of taking Loft classes I started writing my first novel. I self-published the novel, called Finding the Way, in 2004. One of the first things I learned about writing was that unknown authors in their senior years had as much chance of being published by traditional publishers as winning the lottery. Don't even think about it. Fortunately, technological in the form of print-on-demand and the Internet now provide a means of exposing a self-published book to millions of readers at a reasonable cost. I have just self-published a second novel called PushBack. I'm working on a third novel which I'll likely self-publish. I find writing to be a satisfying undertaking and one that I will continue as long as I am able. In addition to being the author of two books, I am married to a wonderful woman named Joan. We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in 2007. We have lived in the Minnesota Twin Cities area most of our married life and have three children and three grandchildren. About the pictures: #1. Author picture, #2. Our 50th wedding anniversary. #3 Stacking prairie hay in South Dakota, I'm on the stack, #4 Our three children while on vacation. Todd, Matthew, the little one in back and Ann. They are a bit older now.#5 Completing the 50K Berkebeiner cross country ski race, ran some marathons. Still do some ski racing but no running. #6 I flew as a crewman on a number of Navy aircraft, including the P4M configured for electronic counter measure reconnaissance during the Korean War.

Website: https://pushbackbook.wordpress.com

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