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I’d been working in the real estate business for about nine years when I said to myself, “I don’t need to do this anymore. I’m going to become a writer.” Before coming to this decision I had also served in the Navy for seven years had worked for thirty-three years in technology as an electrical engineer. I had grown up in rural South Dakota and had only an eighth grade education before going into the navy. After being discharged from the navy I used the GI bill to finance obtaining an engineering degree. Nothing in my background had prepared me to be a writer. Ignorance is truly bliss. I started taking writing classes at the University of Minnesota while winding down my real estate business. I followed this by spending two years taking classes and seminars at the Loft, a Twin Cities organization dedicated to teaching writing skills. During my second year of taking Loft classes I started writing my first novel. I published the novel, Finding the Way; From Prussia to a Prairie Homestead, in 2004. I have published two additional  novels, a second novel called PushBack; Deficit Triggers Hyperinflation, Terrorism and recently the novel For the Cause; The Cold War Turns Hot in Korea and Why Young Men Went to War. I’m now working on compiling a book of short stories that I hope to eventually publish. Maybe there is another novel if there is time. Time will tell. I was married to a wonderful woman named Joan and were blessed with three children and three grandchildren. Joan passed away a month before what would have been our 60th anniversary from the affects of Alzheimer’s.

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Pictures Taken Over the Years:

Stacking Hay on South Dakota farm

Staking hay

As a member of a farm family I helped with the farm work at an early age. I am on the stack;

Threshing with Steam

Steam Rig Moving

Still threshed with steam during the 1930’s, one of the last rigs in the state and maybe the country

In the Navy

P4M 1Q

P4M over the South China Sea. I flew as a crew-member  on a number of naval aircraft including the P4M equipped for electronic counter measure reconnaissance during the Korean War

Sangley Point

Aerial view Sangley Point

While in the Far East,we flew patrols out of Sangley Point located in Manila Bay, Philippines, Naha Okinawa and airfields in Japan. The picture above is Sangley Point. Sangley Point is at the top of the picture and the city of Cavite that borders the base is in the lower part of the picture.


Down the asle at wedding

We were married on August 31, 1957

Family Camping

Car Camping 73

Matthew left, Ann and Todd

Car Camping- back from California

Time for Lunch

50th Anniv


BIX Race

Ran a couple of marathons

81 Berkebeiner

Cross Country Ski racing. Did two or more races every year for forty years.


Hives loaded with honey

Bee keeping. We had over 50 hives for a number years located at a number of sites south of the Twin Cities.

Adillita at Market

What does one do with the honey. Sold most of it at farmer’s markets. Adelita, an exchange student from Costa Rica for most of a year, helps out.


Pre 04 pictures 065

I landscaped the home we lived in for forty four years and am now the landscape and chief for the condominium we live in.  A current hobby is writing novels that I self publish. It is the most expensive hobby that I have had.


Last but not least

teeped office

I worked as an engineer at Univac for three years and thirty years at Control Data. In the picture my office had been decorated to mark my 25th anniversary at Control Data.

Realor sign

After retiring from engineering at 63, I switched gears and worked in real estate for ten years.

Alfred Wellnitz Published Book and Short Story Information at:

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