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I’m now going through that period of frustration when trying to adapt to a Microsoft Word major update. Word becomes more complex and clunky with every update. There are no alternatives. I loved Word Perfect which has many features that Microsoft has not tried to or not able to duplicate. Microsoft has a monopoly and does whatever it wants. I harbor the suspicion that Microsoft Word designers love to make life miserable for Word users. They release updates that are full of errors and unforeseen disastrous consequences, expecting users will report the errors they find and unforeseen consequences that they experience. Then Microsoft will make updates to fix the problems as they become known and generate new problems in the process. Users have become inured to Microsoft’s methods and have no alternative but to accept it as normal.

The latest update incorporates OneDrive as an ambiguous part of Word, again likely enabling Microsoft to monopolize a large share of the cloud market. OneDrive allows many devises and sites to be synced together. It also has meant changes in the way Word stores and saves data. So, Word users need to learn how this effects the way the new Word works. After a few disastrous episodes I’m slowly learning how to handle the new monster. In a couple of years, I will become comfortable with the new Word, and then Microsoft will come out with a major update and the cycle will be repeated.

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