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What to do During a Pandemic

Being a widower and living alone, this can be a challenge. Some possibilities, watch TV, socialize on the web, read some books, outdoor activities well separated from other humans, trying or creating new recipes.

Or, publish a book.

Well OK, I had been working on it before the pandemic and it just so happened to get published during the pandemic. That was April 6, 2020. We were then and are in a lock-down. shelter in place. That means your home. If you do leave your home, don’t get closer that six feet from another person. The lock-down has been extended to May 4, in Minnesota and there is no guarantee the lock down will be lifted then.

So why not read a book, one that was published during the pandemic. The name of the book is Cold War Stories. There are seven short stories which average six thousand words per story. All of the stories are fiction and relate to the Cold War in some way.

During the period of the Cold War (1947 until 1991) many of the resources of the United States were devoted to the Cold War. Though a nebulous form of war, there were major conflicts supported by the Cold War’s leading antagonist, The United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. There was a clear beginning, ending and a winner of the Cold War. The United States being clearly the winner. The book’s author spent most of his adult working life serving in the armed forces or working on government contracts associated with the cold war as an engineer. The books short stories are fictional based on incidents, observations, experiences and conversations the author had during the Cold War period.

As an incentive, free copies of the e-book version of the Cold War Stories will be given away free during a five-day period starting April 30 through May 4. Just go to Amazon books, search the authors name or the name of the book and have it downloaded to the device you use for reading e-books. 

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