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There will be a giveaway of the book “PushBack ; Deficit Triggers Hyperinflation, Terrorism.” 

The giveaway starts Thursday November 15 and continues through Monday November 19. 

I first thought about a book like this soon after 9/11 when the war to eliminate terrorism was initiated by the Bush administration. My thoughts at the time were that you cannot eliminate terrorism. Terrorism is not an identity that you can do battle with, defeat and have it surrender. It is a noun in the English language. It is not going to go away no matter how many people are killed, or for that matter terrorized. 

I let the idea simmer until 2005 when I started to write a book about good terrorist. Remember the resistance forces in World War Two in France, Poland, Norway, Yugoslavia and elsewhere. They were good terrorist. I found it a difficult book to write.  I spent five years writing and rewriting and was never completely satisfied with it but one must give up or say it is finished. I did publish it and got some really bad reviews. I updated it, eliminated three chapters and republished it. It has not gotten much attention but neither have my other books. But the reviews have been better.

Summary of PushBack:

YOUNG AFRICAN AMERICAN LAWYER JIM REED seemingly has it all. Recently named a junior partner in an Atlanta law firm, Jim is shocked when he stops at his usual gas station and realizes the price of fuel has skyrocketed overnight to fifty dollars a gallon. It is 2033, and the world as Jim knows it is suddenly spinning wildly out of control. Sudden hyperinflation shocks everyone. As panic sets in, the value of the dollar plummets and the resulting devastation causes the United States to splinter into several countries, all of which adopt democratic rules except the Federated States, the one in which Jim Reed and girlfriend Linda Alonzo live. They find themselves citizens of a country governed by a white-supremacist dictatorship. Jim Reed joins a group of African American insurgents and finds himself involved in dangerous, bold attacks on Federated States targets. The insurrection causes the Federated States government to intern or exile the entire Federated States African American population. Reed goes into exile and as he recruits like-minded people to join together with the intent to destroy the Federated States Supremacist government, he conceives a plan that may just become the world’s greatest act of terrorism.

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