“Risks and Rewards” Give Away

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This week I am giving away a short story called Risk and Rewards. The book can be found in Amazon at the link below, or you can type my name, Alfred Wellnitz, into the the Amazon search box. It will be free through through November 12.

Most stories I write relate to some personal experience, something I observed, heard, been involved in. I believe this is true of many writers. It is true of the short story “Risk and Rewards”. I was in the Philippines while serving in the Navy stationed at the Sangley Point Navel Air Station in the early 1950’s. At the time there was a low level insurrection being waged by a group of Philippines communist that went by the name of Hukbalahaps, commonly referred to as Huks. One night the Huks broke into a Quonset Hut being used as an armory to store 30 caliber ammunition. This was not revealed or announced officially but was pretty well confirmed by base rumors. Part of the evidence was the appearance of some little brown people under marine guard eating at the enlisted men’s mess the morning after the night the incident was rumored to have occurred. In any case these rumors inspired me to write the fictional story “Risks and Rewards” where I imagine how this event was conceived and carried out. The resulting story is summarized as follows:

Three Philippine fishermen who eke out a living fishing in Manila Bay are suddenly presented with an opportunity be paid what would be a fortune in their eyes for one nights effort. The fishermen must consider the risks and moral considerations the opportunity presents. The story follows the decision making process and the results of the choices made by the fishermen.

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