A 4 AM Dream

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A 4 AM Dream

The dream took me back to an old neighborhood where we used to live. The track houses built in the 50’s and 60’s were being gentrified. Some of us original owners still lived there. Another couple, Pete and Mary Nelson were also original owners and invited us to a party at their house. It must have been a special occasion because we were wearing suits. I wore a nice suit but I didn’t like it because the coat was too long. Pete commented on my suit. He liked it. I said I didn’t.

“Why not?”

“The coat is too long, I’ll trade it for what you are wearing.”

Pete was wearing a sport coat, dark blue with grey pants, red tie, and there was food stains on the coat. He also had a big stomach and my suit wouldn’t have fit him.

Pete replied, “That is getting to be the style now, long coats.”

I thought; Is that really true?

The scene changed

I was walking along the pond in back of our house. Some fancy new homes had replaced the track homes around the pond. For some reason there was a burn barrel located near the edge of the pond. I wore the suit with the long coat. Pete and Mary Nelson came down the slope leading to the pond. They had been to church and Pete wore the same sport coat and pants he had been wearing at the party. I felt a little guilty because we went to the same church and he would have known that I hadn’t been to church. However I wore a suit and he might think I went to another church, which would have been bad because that would be like being unfaithful to our church. He had two envelopes and asked me to put them into the burn barrel.

The scene changed.

I was in an apartment, still wearing the overlong suit-coat. I was talking to a young man. Sort of a beat-nick type, horn-rimmed glasses, lots of hair, medium build, an intense personality. The young man wore a rumpled suit with a loose tie. He showed me a lighter, a cigarette or cigar lighter. He gave me one like the one he showed me, but it didn’t have any fluid in it so I couldn’t make it light.

He offered me what looked like an expensive cigar. I was a little concerned because I didn’t smoke but didn’t want to offend the man so took a cigar.

It looked like a normal cigar but had an unusual tip protector. It appeared to be something made out of bread dough. I took the tip protector off, but didn’t know what to do with it. The man pointed to a pile of the bread dough looking things and said, “You can put the nutrients over there.”

The scene shifted

 Other men appeared. They were all hippie looking intellectuals wearing suits. After a while someone started playing a piano and another person, a tall person, played a clarinet. They played some improvised jazz. The clarinet player seemed to be very talented.

I took the two envelopes out of my pocket that Pete and given me, showed them to the man that had given me the lighter. He took a lighter out of his pocket and tried to light one of the envelopes. It wouldn’t burn. He tried to light the other one. It wouldn’t burn. We knew immediately that we had come upon something that had value. A fire-proof envelope! I woke up from my dream.

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