Defense Spending

Another succinct  commentary on the qqduck blog concerning defense spending.

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4 thoughts on “Defense Spending

  1. Sure is nice to have a fan! Oh, behind me the Hermanator is about to make his announcement. Is he fit to be President after all the allegations? This misses the point. He is STUPID!!!!. Except for the Mormons they are all stupid. Well, perhaps Newt is not stupid, just in the Rudy Juliani School of Sensitivity. It’s damn embarrassing to be an American these days. Sorry, I got carried away by the jackass talking on the tube.

    1. Keep up the good work. From my perspective you are spot on with regards to defense spending and the war on terrorism.
      Defense spending looks like a good place to get a trillion or so in savings during the next ten years.

    2. Mormons are not immune to stupidity.

  2. On republican candidates; Unfortunately some of the best candidates have no chance of getting nominated, and Newt is not one of them. I agree the Mormons stand out but they cannot be honest with the public or themselves and get nominated by the current republican party.

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