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War on Terrorism

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I have always been troubled by the War on Terrorism and it is one of the main reasons I published the book PushBack in 2010.  Recently I read a post in the qqduckus blog that is one of the best summaries of the inconsistencies and policy errors generated by The War on Terrorism that I have seen. Check out;

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Political Systems

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The United States has a democratic form of government. There are many versions of citizen participant (democratic) governments around the globe. As far as I can tell, most governments based on democratic principles  are in a state of political turmoil much of the time. Certainly the United States Federal Government seems to be in a constant state of political party combat. Each party takes opposite poll positions which are the bedrock principles which any party member running for a high political office must adhere. The result is that there are a lot of hypocrites in public offce and a lot of conflict in the political process. Maybe the Untied States representative form of government  is more prone to this kind of conflict that some other forms of democratic government. This conflict is, for the most part, not directed to solving the nations problems, but rather towards gaining political advantage.  Winston Churchill is famously quoted as saying, “The democratic form of government is the worst there is except when compared with all others. ” Maybe  a conflict free democratic government is an oxymoron and I need to get used to it.

As I write this I am being distracted by a beautiful sunrise I can see through a window in my messy office/den. Beautiful reds and yellows appear through broken clouds; due I understand to wildfires burning in the south. A reminder that the earth moves in its own way regardless of the turmoil among its inhabitants and governments.

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PushBack, a Plausible Scenario?

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I feared most people would think the book PushBack was a little over the top when I described the splintering of the United States into eight parts due to out- of-control deficits. After reading the BusinessWeek article “Why the Dept Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think,” I no longer have that fear.

For example: The article states that to really deal with the deficit starting now, something in the order of fifteen trillion dollars has to be cut or found in the next decade order to deal with the problem, not the four trillion savings proposed in the Obama, John Boehner “grand bargan.”   If we cut every government service and employee, including the president, we could not cut enough to fund social security and medicare with current revenue levels.  Folks, anyway you cut it, it ain’t going to be pretty.

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