Economic Woes Can Cause Sudden Drastic Changes

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The PushBack story uses an economic crises, a panic sell-off of the dollar and hyperinflation, to precipitate the splitting up of the United States into eight independent countries. This sets up the conditions that foster regional violence and plans for massive acts of terrorism which are central to the PushBack story.

Many readers may find the scenario as improbable. However, historically, major economic disruptions have a history much like volcanoes, where a period of relative stability transpires while cracks and pressures build in the system that suddenly and violently dissipates.

Before the Great Depression there were signs of problems but is wasn’t until the Credit-Anstalt bank in Austria failed and triggered a global financial collapse that the full effects were felt and set up conditions that ultimately led to WWII.  There had been concerns about U.S. financial institutions before the recent Great Recession occurred. Questions were being asked; what were derivatives and how were they being used? Suddenly, on September 15, 2008, Lehman Brothers bank failed and massive government intervention averted a potential domino effect from occurring.

A concern I have, considering current events, is that the timing of my imagined financial crises has been projected too far into the future.  If real life global finances aren’t stabilized soon, twenty years may be longer than the current  status quo  can survive.

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