Computer Upgrade

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I have been busy, but not in a very productive way. One of my excuses for this lack of a reasonable return for the effort is that I am replacing my out- of- date computers with new ones. For me, upgrading computers is a traumatic experience. Normally, buying something new such as a new car, cloths are  uplifting experiences. Not so with computers. I always dread the need to replace information processing devices which I have finally mastered and am comfortable with. A large part of the anxiety is related to software and data retention. Of course I have a whole boatload of software loaded on my old computers, much of which won’t run on the new computers and in addition, much of  the data generated  by the obsolete software will no longer be accessible.

I have had the desk top computer for seven plus years. I should have upgraded sooner but put off the inevitable for a couple of years.  My excuse for the delay involved the publishing of a book. The book has been published and I am barely into the start of another book. No more valid excuses.

I normally maintain two computers; a desktop and a laptop.  My new portable computer is called a notebook.  I don’t understand the difference between what is now a laptop and a notebook. My new notebook has much more memory capacity and computing power than the desktop computer that I am retiring and has close to the capacity of the new desktop.

Although I find updating computers and software frustrating, I also know that in a few months I will have adapted to the new and then will dread the day when it will need to be replaced.

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