Computer Upgrade

I have been busy, but not in a very productive way. One of my excuses for this lack of a reasonable return for the effort is that I am replacing my out- of- date computers with new ones. For me, upgrading computers is a traumatic experience. Normally, buying something new such as a new car, cloths are  uplifting experiences. Not so with computers. I always dread the need to replace information processing devices which I have finally mastered and am comfortable with. A large part of the anxiety is related to software and data retention. Of course I have a whole boatload of software loaded on my old computers, much of which won’t run on the new computers and in addition, much of  the data generated  by the obsolete software will no longer be accessible.

I have had the desk top computer for seven plus years. I should have upgraded sooner but put off the inevitable for a couple of years.  My excuse for the delay involved the publishing of a book. The book has been published and I am barely into the start of another book. No more valid excuses.

I normally maintain two computers; a desktop and a laptop.  My new portable computer is called a notebook.  I don’t understand the difference between what is now a laptop and a notebook. My new notebook has much more memory capacity and computing power than the desktop computer that I am retiring and has close to the capacity of the new desktop.

Although I find updating computers and software frustrating, I also know that in a few months I will have adapted to the new and then will dread the day when it will need to be replaced.

PushBack: Finalist for the 2010 Book of the Year Awards.

Press Release

ForeWord Reviews‘ Book of the Year Awards program was established to help independent publishers shine an additional spotlight on their best titles and bring increased attention to librarians and booksellers of the literary and graphic achievements of these publishers and their authors.

The PushBack story is set twenty years into the future when the United States economy crashes as a result of the failure to address its fiscal problems. Hyperinflation rages and the nation breaks into eight different independent countries, one of which is controlled by a white supremacist dictator. An insurrection by the African American population provides an excuse for the white supremacist government to intern or exile the countries entire black population. African Americans in exile then conceive a plan that may just become the world’s greatest act of terrorism.

PushBack is Alfred Wellnitz’s second novel, his first being Finding the Way which won an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest Book Awards. Alfred grew up in rural South Dakota, served in the Navy, worked in technology as an electrical engineer and in real estate before publishing his first novel in 2004. He now lives with his wife Joan in Bloomington Minnesota.

Blog Radio Interview


One tool I have used to publicize PushBack has been blog radio interviews. Like written blogs, the quality of the media varies over a wide range.  I’m not aware of any data that measures or quantifies the effectiveness the media as a publicity tool. However, I do know from the experience gained in a number of blog radio interviews over the past few months that the quality of the radio blog sites does vary considerably. Yesterday I had an interview on DIALOGUE: Between the Lines with hosts Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham and I give their show an A+. It was a relaxing enjoyable experience and I believe interesting for anyone listening to the show.

Susan and Joshua are both successful writers and understand and appreciate the writing experience and its ups and downs. An interesting aspect of their show is that though they cohost the show, they live over a thousand miles apart. Susan lives in Washington State north of Seattle and Joshua in San Diego.

To listen to the interview click on the start arrow on the audio image below.  

Listen to internet radio with Susan Wingate on Blog Talk Radio

PushBack Activities

During the past few weeks a considerable amount of time has been devoted to maintenance and updating of PushBack information on book retail and other web media sites where PushBack information is displayed.  While in the process of updating PushBack information I have been updating information for Finding the Way; From Prussia to a Prairie Homestead, the other book I have published. Finding the Way was publised is 2004 and still has a resprctable number of sales and is still available on most web book retail sites and by special order at brick and mortor stores.